Metal Army War Revenge

Take your free time to explore your favorite game Metal Army War Revenge in the new war at In the deepest part of the jungle, the robot is plotting something evil. Help our heroes in the revenge episode and stop the robots from taking over the world. You will move through locations and enter new battles with online options. Learn combat and movement skills with tips that online players help you with.

Destroy traps, take down enemies, and rescue hostages. You can upgrade your weapons and health bars with the metal materials you collect in the level. Share your tips and travel skills as you explore the itineraries we have to offer. Join every new war online with today's special gameplay. Choose one or two-player mode with the game's participation instructions. We introduce many game tips for players to complete in their spare time.

Are you ready to explore this journey? Escape the jungle with fighting skills and attack every opponent on the way. Collect items to unlock new weapons. Survive the levels of the game. ABCya fight game has many new battles of different online game versions. Do not hesitate to choose the way you want to play. We suggest players online fighting games for players to complete the hints. Share how to join the war with new friends. What is the gameplay that you learn through many levels? Complete countless similar wars with this one or two-player game like Monster Rush and Squicky

Instruction to play:

How to play: Move: "W, A, S, D" Hit: "C" (hold longer than release for powerful blow) grenade: "V" jump: "W" "Q+E"