Money Movers Maker

Do you have the necessary skills to break out of prison in Money Movers? This is one of the cool platform games from abcya2 online with the two tough brothers. The different part is that this time, the boys need your help to not only escape the prison but also bring the money out.

In order to succeed, you need to overcome all the obstacles along the way. Jump through the boxes, climb the wall and escape! Moreover, players can experience a new feature which is only available in this kind of game. You will get to create a whole new level to share with other players from around the globe.

You can choose each and every item you want, then build the prison on a brand new level. The only condition is that you have to pass it successfully and collect all the bags which are full of money. If you have finished your level, how about trying the stages created by other players as well?

Some of them will be very difficult but don't worry because as long as you stay sharp, you will be able to solve all puzzles. Cooperating is also the key since there are two characters on the screen at the same time. Are you ready to try out this adventure at Try to play some other games like Handless Millionaire 2 and Quad Cops

Instruction to play:

Use W, A, S, D to control little dude, the arrows or Space to control big brother and the mouse to create new levels.