Nina The Killer: Go To Sleep My Prince

With Nina The Killer: Go To Sleep My Prince version, the player is forced to confront this horror character in the room. Destroy them all and survive if you become a victim. You will be hunted everywhere. ABCya game is a reliable website for players to participate in all online games without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. When you choose to be Nina, you will have to hunt down others. Try to survive until the quest is complete. The moments of fear await you ahead. Many players feel heartache when playing online games.

This is the latest game that we have updated for you to join in your spare time. Win the levels and unlock new missions. Find Nina or become her to chase. Who will you choose to be? Pass the challenges in this game at, you will get the best results. Strive to fight and win our latest online game today. Each player has a reasonable way of playing to join and complete the challenge. Share this game with your friends if they also want to join one of the horror games in their spare time.

If you are too scared of Nina, you will have to try to attack from afar. Don't get close to Nina because you can be knocked out any time. Hit your opponent and get injured while joining the game. Any player has a chance to win through this new game. When you try to use your strength, you will become the best player. Join our newest game world today. Any player wants to win in this special game. Expand your game world with tons of new exciting games like The Island Of Momo and Stick Duel: Medieval Wars

Instruction to play:

Mouse 1: Fire, Mouse 2: Aim/Block, W-S-A-D or arrows key: Walk, Left Shift: Sprint, Left Ctrl: Crouch, X: Prone, Space: Jump, F: Use item, R: Reload, H: Holster weapon, G: Grenade, V: Melee attack, Esc or Tab: Pause