How many opponents can you defeat ?

In this abcya games free, Drive your car, drift your way around and bump into the other players to destroy their car. The more opponents you destroy, the more points you win. To grow and impose yourself against your opponents, you just need to eat as many bolts as you can.

Be a great driver on to become the best and dominate this crazy battle ! So, ready to drift ? is an epic multiplayer car battle title in which you must try and destroy the other players using your car bumper. One single touch from your bumper can eliminate another car, but in the same instance, you can also be eliminated in a single blow too so stay alert and be sure to do the bumping!

Move around the playing area and try to collect scattered nuts to improve your bumper size and power. As the saying goes, the longer the better and this holds true for NitroDrift! If you are in hot pursuit of a target, don’t forget to use your nitro boost to catch them up. Alternatively, use your nitro boost to make a break from a sticky situation. Jump into your car today and conquer the arena!

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  • Simple gameplay, destroy others with your car's bumper
  • You can increase the bumper's size by collecting nuts
  • Changeable car's skin
  • Nitro to boost the speed


MadJoh developed this game. You can also play from the same developer.

Instruction to play: