Om Nom Connect Classic

Each level has a certain duration of participation. Complete each challenge that this Om Nom Connect Classic game suggests to the player. All the latest game themes are updated at Om Nom and his friends need your help in his new colorful adventure. Gather friends and share all the delicious sweets with them. To do this, you will have to combine the same cute monsters or candies to make them disappear from the board.

Find the path of the pairs of similar shapes. They are not obstructed in any row. Are you ready to help Om Nom, his friends, and get the highest score? You need to pay attention to finding the right place to connect them. Use the help or bonuses you have to overcome some difficult challenges. Magnifier can suggest pairs of similar icons. Use shuffling to create new moves in the journey. Collect icons in different but same positions. If you find 2 symbols next to each other, you can completely collect them and score points. Try to complete every mission before time runs out. Save the help to win our online games.

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Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to click on pairs of the same icons