Parking Smarty

Only in  is that the parking ticket won't be available from the beginning of the game. It only appears after you have collected all the necessary items. You can control the movement of the car, but it can only travel forward.

Moreover, it won't stop until it hits the end of the road. You need to take control of this feature and make use of nearby objects to change direction. Don't forget to move carefully and make sure your reactions are quick! During each level, try to find the hidden sums of cash! At the end of each level, you can gain a star rating of 1 to 3 depending on the number of items which you have collected.

Let's see how good your parking and driving skills are! Abcya 2 free games has many other fun driving and racing games for you to play online such as Evo-F and Racing Battlegrounds

Instruction to play: