Planet Explorer Addition

Take the math lessons you can take with the online version of the Planet Explorer Addition game. In this game, you will explore different planets with huge gem treasures. Pay attention to the suggestions that ABCya puzzle games have for you. But before you go to a planet, you need to find an addition expression that has a different result from the other 3 expressions. Score points and complete the correct answers until you discover a new planet.

Gather all your math skills and see how many planets you can go to. Who will choose this online game version? Help the players learn the lessons of the special journey and win every mission. Join math games with new game experiences. We make it possible for players to unlock missions without being bothered by ads or game-loading speed. You can expand your favorite game world at any time. Choose new itineraries to explore every day. Share how to play with your friends. Many players have collected game collections at

Each challenge will bring you the same claim. Find calculations that have different results from other calculations. Explore new planets based on the answers in each game. Many players have chosen our list of online games to complete. Test your math skills with precise calculations. Any player wants to join the skills and choose their favorite version of the game every day. The game will end with the wrong answer. Therefore, players need to think and learn how to choose the right answer in the game. We present to players a list of online games similar to this one like Rail Maze Puzzle and Fruits Mahjong

Instruction to play:

Instructions: Left-click to unlock correct calculations.