Rage Quit Racer

If you love thrilling games, join Rage Quit Racer and complete your race in the fastest way. ABCya racing game has introduced a fun and addictive ultra-high-speed game. The player has no way to slow down. You must avoid death at every turn, avoiding asteroids, bombs, ships, and other hazards, while collecting points and building shields. The only way to get out of the tunnel is to go to the end.

The appearance of obstacles is increasingly difficult. Can you beat speed on this journey? When participating in this speed race, any player wants to conquer the challenges. There are many new levels for you to explore in your spare time. Complete different missions and become the best player today. Countless players around the world have recommended this rewarding game to their friends without spending much time exploring it. The best thing about feeling the racing speed will appear in the game making you love this game more than ever. There are increasingly narrow barriers that make it impossible for you to pass.

Enjoy this moment of overcoming difficulties now. Any player is addicted to participating in this famous racing game. Become a real racer on our new journeys today. The latest racing cars are ready to unlock the races in the tunnel. As you beat the latest levels of this game, you'll be proud of your racing skills at https://abcya.games/. Enjoy this amazing high speed and expand your online gaming world with many of our latest racing games. List of new games that we would like to recommend you such as Drive Or Die and Driver Highway

Instruction to play:

Use left or right arrow keys to avoid obstacles, up arrow to move fast