Russian Car Driver Hd

Russian Car Driver, Get ready to take on some of the craziest tracks and roads in Russia. Participate in a drag race, put your parking skills to the test or try out one of the other modes in this exciting racing abcya game.

In this abyca free game you get to drive in the Russian way! Select freeriding, drag racing, drifting, parking, rally racing, or regular racing mode. Change your view for a more realistic feel while driving your Russian car. Can you uncover and unlock all the achievements and finish first in every race?

Here is a great game comes for you, which will let you to forget all car games that you have played till now. You are going to go for missions which are hard from each other and you are going to complete these missions with your car. Sometimes you are going to carry passengers, sometimes you are going to participate drift races, sometimes you are going to participate drag races and sometimes you are going to do parking missions. The features what we write, are just a part of the game. To see the rest of the features of the game, start playing now and get ready for fun!

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Game modes

  • Freeride mode
  • Drag Racing mode
  • Drifting mode
  • Parking mode
  • Rally mode
  • Racing mode

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to control your vehicle.