SPLIX IO - Online Multiplayer IO Game

Conquer as much land as possible and try to become biggest of them all.

In splix.io you have to surround a group of blocks and come back to your own land in order to fill the group of blocks with your color.
But watch out, if someone hits your trail you die.

Also you know what's cool? It's against actual other players. Yeah that's right, that's why the lag is there. It's actually online, unlike some paper-ish apps where you're just playing against a bunch of bots.

Splixio is another super fun-addicting IO abcya game with retro style and simple rules that you can play for hours! The main goal is to conquer as much territory on the map as possible and become the biggest of all players! You start with a small area which you have to expand more and more during the abcya 5 game. To add new territories to your base, you need to close them with the colored line. Conquered territory will be painted the same color as your line. You can also steal already occupied territories from other players and add them to your base, but be careful they might want to take some of your land as well or even kill you.

When you stay in your area you're safe, but once you leave it and your colored line appears on the map, you are in danger! You will be killed if another player or you yourself hit your colored line, so it is very importatnt to come back to your base very quickly. Surrounded blocks will be added to your territory. If you circled an area with another Splix.io player inside, it won't be filled with your blocks. Always try to keep your whole territory in sight in order to prevent other players from stealing some pieces of your area. Minimap in the upper left corner enables you to see other players' territories and your current location. 

Enjoy with http://abcya.games

SPLIX IO Strategy, Tips & Tricks

  1. Don't overextend! If you go far away from your base, you won't have enough time to come back once your enemy is near. 

  2. If you press the SPACE bar you will glow. This can be used for teaming or other signals in Splixio.

  3. Always keep your line on the screen.

  4. Annoy other players by entering their territories and run into them when they try to get it back.

  5. Corners and areas close to the map edges are not so filled with players and thus are more safe.

Instruction to play: