Sushi Challenge

All the guests want to eat sushi in your restaurant. Sushi Challenge helps you earn money serving guests with different sushi dishes. This new game at is very special. You will try to win this game with the highest score. Be the ultimate sushi master! Match sushi pieces through a variety of techniques. Beware, time runs out quickly. If the sushi you're looking to match runs out, collect other sushi and new sushi will appear. This game tip helps you to pass the online game most easily. Don't miss this special sushi game. We have introduced players to different ways of playing to link the 3 most similar sushi according to the customer's choice.

All the guests are satisfied with your restaurant. We help players discover different service games and you will love this restaurant. The latest sushi to appear in the game has attracted fastidious players on a new journey. Don't hesitate to expand your favorite gaming world with our latest games today. With puzzle game skills, players easily win this wonderful game space without being bothered by any factors. Share your gameplay. ABCya match games include many games with different content.

Players around the world continuously unlock levels without being bothered. Serve guests with different needs and interests to earn money in the shortest time you have. Countless players all over the world have joined and enjoyed the exciting moment in this new game. The same dishes are collected the fastest by you. Unlock difficult missions in other similar games like Yummy Waffle Ice Cream and Making Homemade Veg Burger. Are you ready to fight today?

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to move the delicious sushi to a new location