Sushi Feast

Delicious dishes are available on the rotating banquet table. What is your mission? Search the online game Sushi Feast at abcya 5 games. You will do very well those missions. Would you like to get started today? The game is very interesting. You will feel a lot of luck and love it. What are you waiting for? Invite your friends to enjoy it now. Together feel many interesting things. Start at the spinning banquet table. Sushi Feast is a fun arcade game inspired by titles like Zuma, but with sushi! In this game, you have to shoot at groups of food of the same type and make them disappear. You must complete the objectives to complete the level and unlock new skins and stages.

With a spinner, the feed is given continuously and many types. There are players standing in the middle who are offered any food. Your task must help players hit the same type of location. For every 3 similar dishes, they will disappear. The turntable has many rings. If you play slowly and shoot incorrectly, it becomes more and more difficult to play. Therefore, the table rotates, the more difficult it will be to be able to locate the hit. Observe and align the time accurately, you will complete the task well. Together feel so much joy today.

There are too many dishes such as sushi, salmon, eggs ... graphic design will make you feel great. Let's enjoy that game together. The game requires you to hit the specified number of hits you will pass the level. Accept the challenge and join the online game Sushi Feast at If you love this game, you can play some more games like Funny Rescue Gardener and Slime Maker

Instruction to play: