Tactical Princess

Use the short time you have to memorize the different pairs of symbols in Tactical Princess. This game attracts many online players to complete the game. Learn the different lessons that ABCya online game presents to players. The holiday dedicated to the defenders of the Fatherland is approaching. The princesses decided to celebrate it with a paintball match. Train your memory and help the princesses collect equipment for the tournament. After collecting pairs of the same symbol, you will get a trophy. Those are the necessary costumes for the paintball battle. Which of the girls will become the most stylish tactical princess? You click on each girl to perform new tasks.

When the icon pairs disappear, you'll harvest clothing and weapon samples to join the girls. What miracle do you love? This new game has a new charm at https://abcya.games/. With special content, players discover and unlock each level. Help your friends complete all missions in the shortest amount of time. Any girl can play the game. If you can't remember where they are, flip the cards over to remember where they are. This game attracts many online gamers to conquer and complete. You can hardly lose if you focus on memorization.

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Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the left mouse button to click on pairs of similar icons