Taxi Pickup

If you are a good driver, find out the distance traveled in Taxi Pickup. Pick up your guests and reach your destination safely. Your pick up points will increase gradually, so you are ready to win this game at ABCya game. With each country, you will have levels to pass. Find ways to move before you start the vehicle. Don't worry if you go the wrong way. Find the correct direction to pick up the guests and win this new game now. Each player will choose the best way to move with the stages. You are ready to explore our newest game world without being bothered by the speed of game loading. The most demanding players also want to join this journey and become a taxi driver.

Don't forget to follow instructions and share your gameplay with other players at The number of passengers will increase gradually at more difficult levels. Become the best player on your journey now. Did you move to the wrong address? Each taxi driver has chosen the safest route. Share your gameplay with players you know. A favorite game list of driving game lovers is indispensable for this game.

Move on a new path and bring your guests safely. Accelerate your car when you have determined the correct travel distance and want to complete the level as quickly as possible. Any player is ready to join this game. Win levels and explore different countries around the world. When you finish this game, you will become the best player. Share other similar driving games you have saved in the list like Dodge Action 3d and Fruits Connect Float

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to draw your path and press start when you are sure with that option