The Power Of Math

Choose from four addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division operations to battle ferocious monsters in The Power Of Math. This game with interesting content is updated at Choose your character to defeat the goblins. Use your math skills with the right calculations to complete missions at all levels. 

If you answer a calculation incorrectly, the monster can move closer to you. What is your advantage? Enter the game with the calculation you want to use. Then conquer the remaining calculations. The power of the monster is extremely strong. Try to take them down as soon as possible. Do not give the wrong answer in any part of the game that you choose. With each turn, players can be ready to go in and out with different lessons. Practice math skills with the calculations that the game updates. You can completely use the help to destroy the monster. Monsters will rule the world if we don't have the knowledge to destroy them. Math battles are constantly going on. Unlock the latest weapons and fight to destroy all the monsters that appear in this game. 

ABCya math games online expand the game world for multiplayer. Become the greatest magicians on the planet as you solve calculations with correct answers. Many players finished our game in their spare time. Start the game with a journey you can join today. If you lose at the calculation, relearn and calculate the fastest to win each fight. The monsters have different powers across the game. Complete your new task brilliantly if you like the game list we have updated like Super Friday Night Funki Vs Minecraft

Instruction to play:

Choose the best answer for your calculation with the left mouse