The Princess Sent To Future

The girls are ready to help the princess of The Princess Sent To Future. Help this adorable princess impress the future with trendy makeup. Join many times to create different fashion styles if you love the new journey at

The life of a princess becomes boring. And she used the strange machine to go to the future. Change her fashion sense as she joins university life. This is the biggest change for our girl. Help her out by playing this refreshing game. Start by washing her hair, combing her hair, and choosing a cool hairstyle for her. Then complete her look by dying her hair the color you want. Choose the right makeup look you want. 

Each combination will help you explore the game in different ways. This new journey becomes rewarding for players taking part all over the world. Unlock the latest skins you've never seen on other websites. There are thousands of different ways to combine clothes. Choose your favorite style and help our princess start an exciting new life. She will thank you for your help in each game. The new life in the future is completely foreign to the princess. She has to start all over again from appearance to a way of life. Will she be able to adjust to university life? 

ABCya game world opens a new stage for any player to join after every hour of intense learning. With different ways of mixing items, you can easily complete the tasks. Follow the instructions of the game and become the best player now. Some new games are also available for our girls like Baby Beauty Salon. Are you ready for this turn? 

Instruction to play:

Left click to design our princess