Thrill Rush 5

Thrill Rush 5 - abcya games, There's lots of cash to grab on this roller coaster but it's very dangerous up there. The tracks keep collapsing and there's tons of gaps. Can you help this girl collect all the money she can in this adventure abcya free game?

Enjoy the 5th game in the Thrill Rush series. In this sequel of Thrill Rush 4, you are going to ride on a rollercoaster and try to reach the finish line safely. The ride will be bumpy as there are many challenges along the way. Try to collect money and stars during the ride. There is also a hell mode as you progress which offers more money and more challenges! You can unlock new characters and new rides when you have enough money. Enjoy playing Thrill Rush 5, a rollercoaster game with beautiful scenery and a fun gameplay!

Use the up and down arrow keys to jump and descend.

Instruction to play: