Tower Defense Sudden Attack

Tower Defense Sudden Attack is a fantastic tower defense abcya game in which you must help try and defend your city - a peace treaty has been violated and you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a war. You must rally the defense, build fortifications and stop the attacking forces at all costs!

Start by building basic defensive towers and use the money you earn from destroying units to upgrade your towers and build new and improved structures. There are three different maps to play on and three different types of tower you can place - light gun, heavy gun and flamethrower. Can you defend your city and build an effective defensive network?

Dispose your weapons near the path where the enemies will try to break through. Make sure that you destroy all of them and keep your base under protection. Of course, you can upgrade the existing units. Enjoy it at!

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Release Date

March 2018


Falco Software made this game.


  • Tower Defense with military units
  • 3 maps with different characteristic
  • 3 weapons that you can place, light gun, and flamethrower
  • Different enemies, from truck to helicopter

Instruction to play:

Drag the left mouse button from the weapon's icon to the location to place a weapon.