Traffic Surgery

There will be many traffic accidents if you fail to drive carefully on the crowded road. However, we are running short on the doctors who can perform the surgery on site. Will you help us to treat the patients in Traffic Surgery online abcya 4 game?

Each of the patients is from a different place, so you need to treat their wounds based on their accidents. For example, if a man has been in a traffic accident and may have broken his leg, you need to act fast to stop the pain! Or you might need to stop the bleeding of a man who got hit by a car. In this interactive game, kids will learn the tough daily tasks of the doctors after the horrible accidents.

Not only do you have to stay calm to be able to think wisely but you also need to follow the instructions carefully. Most of the tasks start with cleaning and sterilizing the damaged areas. For the bleeding patients, you can use the lotion and the medicine to stop the bleeding. Don't forget to perform a quick X-ray scan to make sure that the bones are intact. If there are any broken bones or fractures inside the body, you will have to take care of it as well.

Once your patient is in the stable condition, you can send him home and start helping another one! Show us your dedication and talent in many doctor games for kids at such as Elsa After A Breakup and Princess Dress In Incredible 2 Style

Instruction to play:

Choose the items and interact with your left mouse.