In a new multiplayer online game abcya Trigon io, you control the triangle. This game abcya 4 is based on physics, shoot to push off and move. In the trigon you can earn various upgrades. is a fun physics-based multiplayer online IO game at First of all choose one of several classes of trigons and a special ability to start the game. Shoot continuously to boost yourself through the map trying to shoot down enemies and circles to earn points. Once you've earned some points you can up-grade your trigon to become more and more powerful. Show no mercy and try to get your nickname all the way to the top of the scoreboard. 

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Instruction to play:

Choose a name, class and ability. The class is the type of your ship and determines your strengths and weaknesses. Your ability is like a super power that you can use to surprise other players.

Click to shoot, and you will move in the opposite direction.

Hit the space bar to activate your ability.