Turbo Dismounting

Take this chance to play Turbo Dismounting, a fun physics-based game for free! You will play the role of a stickman and carry out many types of tasks to overcome the challenges. The tasks in this abcya 3 game are really unique. This game is the exact opposite of the ordinary physics-based games which you usually play.

Instead of trying to make it to the finish line in one piece, you will have to try to break as many bones as possible in this game. You will be able to earn points and unlock cool vehicles after breaking the bones. You can continue to use the items to perform many more painful and dangerous stunts. These stunts are life-threatening, but don't worry as the stickman will survive! It's up to you to choose different poses, to set up the perfect force and direction for your jump. All these factors will affect the final result, so make sure that you take them into consideration.

For the new players, don't worry and follow the detailed instructions to learn the basics of the game. Keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to achieve the most perfect bone crushing result. Only in this game at http://abcya.games/ will you have the chance to try out such a unique experience. With more games like Critical Combat Battle Royale and Getaway Shootout, you can keep on having fun during the playtime!

Instruction to play:

Choose the force and direction with your left mouse.