Virus at is a journey where players will choose the colors of the virus and make them invade the entire level. You will be limited to the number of color choices in the game. The number of colors is also increasing and players must choose the best option to change the virus color before the level ends. Unlock all levels with your special ability and complete the game in the best way. There are many new players joining this game and sharing in their free time about gaming ability and winning.

These tips have been collected and players absolutely love to relax in their free time. Don't miss this special journey today. With the most appropriate color, you will consider the color of the virus first and then select the next colors depending on the color of the virus standing around it. This is really a special game at ABCya online games. With new content, you can spend time exploring and completing it. Certainly, this game is loved by many players. The game space is extremely simple and new.

Therefore, you can easily contact the game without being bothered. Share with other players if you have completed the game or feel this game is extremely interesting. Your choice in the game will help you move better with each level you pass. There are many levels for you to explore in your free time. Don't miss your chance today.

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Instruction to play:

Click on the color you choose at the bottom of the screen and join the game