Play for a robber or Zombie in a strategic game ZomZom io. Build houses and protect them. Create different weapons using the resources that you found. Survive as long as possible in this exciting game abcya. Enjoy and share with your friends!

Zomzom.io is a challenging abcya 5 game of survival in which you must fight against hordes of zombies and collect resources to construct a base. You are equipped with a hatchet and a spear and you must use these items to collect wood, stone and fruit. Use the wood and stone to build walls and defense, and use the fruit as a source of food to stay alive. The zombies will pursue you indefinitely and you must build quickly to keep them at bay.

You can work as a lone ranger or attempt to make alliances with other players and build a base together to survive - the choice is yours! Most of the zombies are unarmed, but some are equipped with axes so be careful! Keep any eye on your food and energy levels and be sure to regularly eat fruit. As you collect more materials and resources you can build other objects such as spikes and cannons. How long can you survive in the wild against the undead? !

The Gameplay and graphics are similar to Zombs. Play the game in full screen mode at http://abcya.games.

Instruction to play:

Movement: W, A, S, D
Select Item
Left click Attack