2 Colors Box

Change the color of the biggest box in the 2 Colors Box game. When updating ABCya's new game world, any player will be amazed at the countless interesting games. The largest box can be changed to white or black to match the other boxes moving towards you. Will you be able to change the color of the biggest box and win this special game of us? Overcome new challenges and get the highest score by changing the colors of the boxes. If you change the color for the biggest box the game is over.

The list of new games is constantly being updated for online players around the world. Don't forget to join and save the game tips to help other players unlock a special game world. You may have confused the colors of small boxes because they move too fast. Observe carefully and carefully on the next moves of this special journey. The new game we introduce to any player has different charms. Your playing tip becomes extremely useful in any new game. New games will be updated at http://abcya.games/.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to change the color of the box