Agar .io

Agar .io at is known as one of the best multiplayer games. You have the opportunity to move in the game and collect all the colored dots to get bigger and bigger. Pay attention to the way and do not collide with other moving opponents. We facilitate players to join this game without being bothered by any factor. You will complete challenges with the best move. Other players are also moving and eating round dots with different colors in this game. You need to move carefully and stay away from other competitors until you complete the game with the largest size.

This will be one of the relaxing games that you can participate in when you have free time. Players easily find different games according to their preferences and relax after every hour of work or stressful study. You start your game at ABCya io game online and overcome all the challenges with the highest score. We are constantly updating the game with different themes and suitable for each age that you can hardly miss.

Share with your friends if they also love this game and other games on your list. Different challenges are constantly being updated through the levels you can hardly miss in your spare time. Pay attention to the distance between the other circles to avoid colliding with them in this game. Also, you have the opportunity to discover all the other io games on our list like Knifez .io and Please move until you complete your journey.

Instruction to play:

Use your mouse to move and avoid other circles on your way if you don't want to be defeated