Knifez .io

Exploring and growing has always been the main features of the io games but with free game, abcya play 2018 will take the challenge to a whole new level! Not only do you get to roam around the huge map but you also have to attack the enemies with the sharpest knives you can get. Since the game might be difficult to understand for the beginners, there are two detailed tutorials for two game modes: Eat Food and Throw Knives at your enemies. You can check out these two guides at

Have you finished with the tutorials? Then let's start the game! In order to grow, you need to guide your character and make sure that he absorbs enough food to become bigger. The ultimate goal is to be the last player with the knife. There will be food scattered around the map such as the colorful orbs. Pay extra attention to the bigger opponents because they have sharper knives and more skills in the game. When you manage to reach a decent size, you can go to the store to change your skin color, skin type and buy new knives.

Better knives will help you to join the combat with more confidence and power! The game has such a colorful map with many stunning characters, therefore, it will be easy for you to tell them apart. More io games like Own .io and Evowars .io are available for free! Explore the endless opportunities with your friends now!

Instruction to play:

Move the character by dragging the mouse, throw the knife by clicking the left mouse.