AI Vendetta

Move through the obstacles and destroy every opponent that appears in the AI ​​Vendetta online battle at ABCya. Destroy the scene and score huge combos by dropping pieces on the alien droids below. With the classic gameplay bug, you can overcome the challenge of the big boss battle. Collect rewards after killing enemies and get medals.

Earn 3 stars in each level and level up in this new online game world. Choose the number of players to enjoy our great game space. Many players have saved this game in their favorite online games list. Show your friends from all over the world the new games you have. What is the best moment you have today? Expand the world of online games with the latest game list. New choices of game skills attract any player to join in their spare time. Avoid colliding with obstacles during the journey. Battleships appear in different locations.

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Instruction to play:

Instructions: Use arrow keys to navigate through locations before defeating the opponent