Amazing Run 3d

Amazing Run 3d helps you relax with the exciting moments that Abcya running games has brought to online players. Be the best player on the journey you've been on. Can you believe you have superpowers? Here, you can slow down all obstacles, and through your superpower successfully overcome hurdles. There are many obstacles that you have to overcome until you reach the finish line safely. How to use your superpower? Observe the position and rotation speed of the obstacles to stop them and go through as fast as you can.

If their stop position is not correct, make them move. Here is a fun game at Any player can join our new space. Choose the game you love with the best gameplay right now. Observe the moving position of the obstacles at each level. They will get harder and harder. When you complete the mission in this game, share with other players to complete the mission in the best way. Looking for a fun relaxing time that you can't find in other games. With our free and exciting game content, we are proud to bring new games for players all over the world. What task do you find the most difficult when playing the game?

Beat them with the most accurate playing tips today. Release the mouse when you want the obstacles to keep moving and create gaps. Try to move through them to win this online game today. Pass the first levels and gain experience for each subsequent journey. Some games similar to this game are played by players like Outfits Woman Rush and Zoo Pong

Instruction to play:

 Left click to stop the obstacles.