Ball Tales The Holy Treasure

Embark on an exciting adventure to help the balls get back the stolen treasures. Ball Tales The Holy Treasure has many traps waiting for you. Overcome all obstacles through the new game version at Many players love this game and want to remove the spikes. The puzzle is hard to solve but the ball is smart. A story like adventure, let's get into the action and help them. The game has 45 levels with 3 different worlds. The player chooses a forest, mine, or temple to unlock the game.

Look for different balls and cross the paths. Let's try to complete our game. You can easily control the game on your phone or computer. Strive to unlock every journey and relax with the time you love. We facilitate players to join the journey without spending a lot of time searching. Don't forget to earn gold coins to unlock new balls. Find your way back to your final destination through the journey you want to explore today. Many players have selected a list of favorite games to join and pass. You can unlock countless missions with simple gameplay.

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Instruction to play:

How to play: WAD or tap the screen to move and jump over the obstacles