Angry Skeletons

How can you destroy all skeletons in the Angry Skeletons game at This is a new game for online players to join and easily overcome all the challenges with the fastest reflexes you have. The skeleton will move continuously towards you and you must hit them so they can not rob the diamond. Therefore, shoot fast and locate the skeletons that will move at different speeds. If the skeletons advance in large numbers, use the dynamite to complete your game without losing.

This difficult game requires you to be able to move and respond most flexibly on a new journey. Do not let the skeletons rob the diamond. This extremely important task will help you complete the game without any obstacles. Train from the first online plays and win with the highest score. With the new games at ABCya, players can join anytime with online gaming tips. You are not bothered by ads or game loading speed. Instead, get ready for the journeys that our game has brought to online players.

Share with your friends how the game helped you win the skeletons. The obsession with zombie lands no longer makes you afraid to join this game. Instead, be ready for any challenge of the war. New ways to play will help you overcome this exciting game. The skeletons will move so fast you cannot destroy them. The use of explosives is useful as the skeleton wave continues to grow. Therefore, focus to fight and complete the game. Some other similar games are updated in your online game list like Kawaii Jump and Archer Warrior. Get ready.

Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to adjust the shooting direction and release the mouse when you want to destroy the skeletons in different positions.