Bike Race Free

Another game for the fan of racing tracks is here at abyca 2 free. Have you ever tried racing while performing the stunts in Bike Race Free online game? If you haven't, it's your chance to experience the adrenaline rush now! For gamers who enjoy this genre of game, the most exciting feature of all is the feature which allows the players to try out individual stages, not just a bunch of neverending stages.

This means that you can resume the game anytime, anywhere without having to worry about saving the previous results. There is a variety of terrains and landscapes with the challenging race tracks, such as the dunes and the artic. Don't miss any of them and test out each and every mode. Like most racing games from abcyaa online, your aim in this one is to finish all the available challenges on the levels. However, the ultimate goals are to ride the bike to look for the exit and to do as many stunts as you can. The players can easily rotate your bike either forward or backward, allowing them to change the direction and the rotation of the bike.

Moreover, this feature doesn't slow down your acceleration, which means that you can charge with full speed without the fear of overbalancing. These amazing updates along with the best 2D graphics are the reasons why this Friv land game is so popular these days. Don't hesitate to check out the races in more games such as Happy Wheels and Downhill Rush at

Instruction to play:

Click on the button to move and stop.