Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels features hilariously gruesome racing action. Survive wild courses without losing your limbs. You can play as an old man in a wheelchair, Segway rider, or bicycling father. Unlock new people and vehicles for even crazier stunts and mayhem! 

Happy Wheels was developed by Fancy Force and is an extremely popular ragdoll racing game abcya. Users can design their own levels which can be played by others. There are more than 20.000 playable levels, so the game really has no end. Popular Youtuber like PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye and many more have spent hours to play this game. This is the free version of Happy Wheels with 10 levels and 3 different vehicles. 

Happy Wheels puts you in control of a person riding one of several vehicles like wheelchair, bicycle or Segway. The abcya 2 free game looks awful - it's pretty much mobile clip art. You go along an obstacle course, trying to make it to the end. If you hit an obstacle, you'll suffer some kind of damage - usually bloody and over the top. Your goal in Happy Wheels is to make it to the end without either crashing or being dismembered. The problem is that the controls are imprecise and it's hard to judge most of what you'll do. 

Total Jerkface 
Happy Wheels (demo) is developed by Total Jerkface. With that many grisly faces in the game, the name "Total Jerkface" was a perfect match. If you're curious about the full version of Happy Wheels, go check out their page in the app stores!

Go nuts in this physics based racing game. Use your skill to manoeuvre trough every level, but trust me you wont get far!

Happy Wheels online is one of the all-time popular games on http://abcya.games/ alongside games like Impossible Stunt Car Tracks and Red Driver 5

Instruction to play:

Z = Eject, SPACE = Primary Action, Shift & Control = Secondary actions.