Birthday Cakes Memory

Click on the puzzle pieces to remember the pictures of the cakes if you join Birthday Cakes Memory. Become the best player with Abcya puzzle games. Click the cards to reveal a delicious cake. Memorize it so you can match similar cards. Match all the cards on the board to complete the level. If the number of clicks increases, your score will decrease. Therefore, you need to try to remember the image of the sold items at every click to join this online game. Players are not bothered by any factors when playing games on our website.

With new games, we have made it easy for players to follow the instructions and overcome the most difficult challenges. Don't click too much and care about the game time. Complete the cake pairs before time runs out. Try to get the highest score in your play today. Countless players all over the world have chosen and joined this game. The pairs of cakes may be different in color and shape. Therefore, players need to observe closely to make the best choice. The memory games at are rich in their ways.

Cakes attract girls to participate in any game. Conquer every challenge the game has to offer today. Will you become the best player? The number of cakes will gradually increase and your memory capacity will be higher and higher. Hone different lessons and skills on your journey of discovery. Share your gameplay with your friends or challenge them to this special game. Expand on countless other similar games that we update like Can You Reach 8k and Abc Game

Instruction to play:

Use mouse to click and open the cakes