Lucky Tap

If you are too unlucky in real life, try your luck in the online journey that Lucky Tap presents to players around the world at At this game, you need to have the luck to play it. There are two pills in red and blue colors. Click on a pill and if you are a guest, you will continue. Don't let the pill of your choice fall if you want to try your luck. So it is a roulette game. The number of points corresponds to the exact click you got. Try your luck and take as many more pills as you can in one play. They don't follow any rules.

Does this make it difficult for you? This game appeals to gaming friends. You will laugh at moments of unexpected victory. If the pill you click falls, the game is over. Will you choose red or blue? Your choice will surprise your opponent. Relax with our unique game in the free time you have. Countless players around the world love this special journey. ABCya 2 online game updates many new games for players to discover in the time after each stressful school hour. Share your gameplay if you love them.

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Instruction to play:

Click or tap directly on the screen with the pill of your choice