is new online arena game online abcya inspired by Super Bomberman 5 on SNES ! is free !

Bomber7 .io is a cool multiplayer online IO abcya game. If you like the popular and classic Bomberman, you are really going to enjoy this one. Move through the maze-like screen planting bombs to destroy walls blocking your way, and other players who will try to kill you first. Collect bonuses to upgrade different skills, like the expansion of your explosions or your speed. Try to be the leader of the match for as long as you can.

Remember the old good abcyagame from Nintendo Super Bomberman 5. Multiplayer online game Bomber7 io has a similar graphics and style. Blast blocks and earn items such as normal bombs capacity and strength bombs, character speed, lives, virus! Enjoy and share with your friends!

Some hints for the abcya free game, collect items quickly, because they disappear after some time. Avoid viruses, use a shield to walk on mines. All skills work only a few seconds.

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Have fun with Bomber7 IO at!

How to Play

Choose your character, a nickname, then enter the arena ! Move with your keyboard's directionals keys, throw a bomb with space bar and activate your abilities with A, Z and E keys. Destroy blocks and earn items, they are 7: shield, ghost, mines, normal bombs capacity, bombs strength, character speed, lives and virus ! Those items are limited ! Strategy

Grab as much items as possible before they disappear but avoid viruses ! You have to protect yourself using blocks and shield capacity or you may run away with your ghost capacity, but don't walk on mines without a shield ! Be carefull, your capabilities only work for few seconds ! To score, destroy blocks and kill other players !

Join the arena now ! :)

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys to move, place the bombs with the spacebar and use A, Z, E to use special boosters.