Polywar 2

Welcome to the sequel to an extremely successful action game: Polywar 2! If you have tried out the original in http://abcya.games, you must have already grasped the concept of this amazing game. It's a simulation game in which players will take the role of the soldiers and combat hand to hand against the enemies on the battlefield.

The conflicted area is too vast for a single person to supervise, so you will collaborate with the others to win the war. There are many missions with different types of requirement. For example, on the first mission, you need to counterattack in order to accomplish the task of killing 100 enemies. After each mission, the players can trade their scores in abcya 5 stores. The weapon collection in this game is full of choices, therefore, take your time to assess and choose wisely.

A great weapon with the suitable weight and strong firepower will increase your chance of winning. Moreover, you can take advantage of the vehicles which are placed on the battlefield, such as the tank, the truck and the van. Try to avoid being shot at since you will be eliminated if you get shot too many times. There will be a rotating map on the right corner of the game screen to make sure that you can control the movement and the direction of your character and the enemies as well.

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Instruction to play:

Move and shoot with your left mouse.