Boombox Inc

You can’t decide between a good old bomber game full of explosions and broken stuff, and a relaxing but slightly addicting clicker game that pushes you again and again to get the newest upgrade. That’s way some guy spent lots of hours to develop the perfect combination of both. Boombox Inc is the ultimate clicker game abcya3 for those who like to blow stuff in pieces. Break box after box throwing unlimited bombs and earn lots of coins to buy upgrades. What do upgrades do? They help you blow up even more boxes and receive even more coins. So, don’t ask and keep throwing all kinds of bombs to all kinds of boxes.

Boombox Inc. Is the ultimate explosive fun game in which you get the opportunity to cause mayhem by throwing bombs at boxes. Throw bombs at will as you try to destroy all of the boxes in the play area. Gain experience points as you destroy more and more boxes, these points can be used to purchase bigger and better bombs for more explosive fun!

If you have a bit of a stressful day then take out some tension by exploding bombs at will. If you love this abcya game you can try Mutant Fighting Arena and Whack Your Soul Mate

Have fun with Boombox Inc at!


  • Clicker gameplay that allow you to throw bombs
  • Buyable more boxes and upgrades for your bomb
  • Different bomb models to use based on your level
  • Prestige feature to reset the game in exchange for points that can be used to buy special abilities

Instruction to play:

Left click to throw a boom