Burning Wheels Kitchen Rush

Have you ever tried a race in a car toy? Burning Wheels Kitchen Rush free game is a unique racing game in which the players get to experience the race from the perspective of a small car. How cool is that? Like any other racing games, the players win by finishing all the races in different tracks.

This abcya 3 game has a special feature which allows you to choose the number of laps for each track and the track shapes as well, which makes it easier for the new players to learn the basic rules of the game. You need to be the first one to cross the finish line and avoid being attacked by the other drivers. It's your chance to show your drifting and driving skills even on the most dangerous tracks! There are tons of car models for you to choose from. However, some models are expensive and they can only be unlocked by winning the higher levels.

The madness races occur around the house and between the ordinary objects. The players will experience an adrenaline rush when driving around the kitchen, the bedrooms, living rooms and the garden. The game comes with two modes: single and multiplayer mode so you can gather your friends to participate in the high-speed races at http://abcya.games. You can make many memorable memories with more fun games for kids such as Offroad Police Cargo Transport and 4WD Off Road Cars

Instruction to play:

Drive with the arrow keys, space to break, X to power up and C to check the camera