TakePoint.io is an awesome ABCya .io game in which you must try and fight against hundreds of other people in a massive online brawl. The aim of the ABCya free game is simple - eliminate all other players and try to capture points to hold territory on the map. You are assigned a random team at the start and you must work together throughout the course of the game.

As you kill you earn points and level up - this increases your power. Use the points you earn to purchase upgrades and better weapons and perks. This ABCya is intense and a really fun io title with great gameplay and fun team-based mechanics. Try and take the point today!

The objective of the game is to conquer the circular areas that are in the map, to conquer an area any player of your team has to be placed on top of it. If your team conquers areas, you can acquire points for each player. The available improvements apart from the weapons are: speed, recharge, sight, etc. It is important to understand that in this game you are playing as a team, and it is not very smart to go alone, it is best to distribute the tasks and go all together, it is also a good option to distribute the types of weapons among the entire team.

Don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s join us and find how many scores you can get. Have a good luck! If you want to challenge yourself with more superb online games, visit ABCya online. There are plenty of splendid games which are available such as Gartic.io and Facepunch.io. Don’t forget to comment and rate our online games.

Instruction to play:


  • Move with WASD or arrow keys
  • Shoot with left mouse button
  • Reload with R button
  • Use perk with space bar
  • Chat with enter