Catch That Cat

What will you do during Halloween? Kill your free time with new ways to play at Catch That Cat. This is a skill-based puzzle game. Complete your quest at You will see a table filled with different cats. You need to find the same cat in the table as shown in the table on the left. Complete your mission with a high score before time runs out. The doors will close after a few seconds.

Therefore, you need quick reflexes to find the right cat according to the requirements of the game. The same cats appear in blocks. You can hardly search and choose precisely with difficult tasks. Take your free time to relax with the many new game themes we update. Many different cats are appearing with a Halloween theme. Observe locations to look for them. After each close, the position of the cats will change.

Collect all of them as required by the level to complete all missions. What is the gameplay you have to complete the game at ABCya? Use online tips and pass all levels of the game. Follow the game's instructions any time you join. Many players also love this journey and join for hours. Select the correct cats for each requirement of the Halloween theme. Get ready for the new missions of the Halloween festival. The mysteries contained in each game. Complete your quest and discover countless new unique journeys today. We help players relax and pass their free time with special interesting game themes. Don't hesitate to share your gameplay with many new games like Onet Emoji Connect and Emoji Guess Puzzle at


Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the left mouse button or tap directly on the screen.