How Dare You

How Dare You becomes a warning about the difficult journey that you need to overcome. Every Abcya free game opens up a colorful game world. Are you ready to join and unlock obstacles in this new game world? We make it possible for players to discover a special journey. Show your wisdom in battle with your opponents and collect gold coins to unlock more challenges.

Follow the game instructions throughout this entire journey. Obstacles appear everywhere. Unlock all-new wars on the journey of discovery. Are you ready for the challenge of the game? Complete quests and collect the most rewards. Multiplayer shares move tips with friends. You will feel free to check out the most basic gameplay tips to complete the battle in the new land. Enemies appear during travel or in the sky. Don't collide with them. You can lose at any time. Keep enough health to complete each mission.

Run mode is set automatically in this game. Players can jump to overcome dangerous distances. With new skills, you are ready to join the challenge battle. Unlock all the hard missions and expand the online game world you participate in. The list of online games is updated at daily. The first wars completely began in the new land. Overcome any challenge when you're ready for battle. We facilitate players to join and unlock new journeys.

Share gaming tips with your friends. The opponent cannot defeat you in the journey. Get ready to fight with similar games such as Real Squid 3d and Dangerous Adventure. You will love this particular game.

Instruction to play:

Controls game: Left click to jump over obstacles and collect rewards