Cheap Golf

At each level of the game Cheap Golf at Abcya games free, the player moves the white cube into the correct position of the black cube. However, there are many obstacles that appear in the game. The white cube will collide with these obstacles and change the direction of travel. The player needs to accurately predict the next location of the cube to move the main by shooting them through different positions.

Surely you will be surprised with this golf game because it is different from the other golf games. This is definitely one of the most fun simulation games that you can hardly ignore in your spare time. Share with your friends and discover all the levels with different obstacles in the game at You will hardly be bothered by advertising or speed. Load game when playing on our website.

Get ready with all the challenges given at each level and pass as many levels as possible. You can be happy with your ability in this game. When you determine the correct speed and position of the white cube before falling into the correct black cube, you will win that level. Surely this is a game that players can hardly miss in their free time to participate and gain the highest score.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to click and release when you have determined the direction and force that the white cube can roll to the exact position of the remaining cube.