Team Kaboom

Team Kaboom is one of the cool new shooting games. Pay attention to the troops coming towards you and survive until the end of the journey. The games introduced by ABCya 2 free game have attracted the most demanding players. Your goal is to kill the enemy and avoid being killed. Avoid letting the enemy escape. If they escape, they will come back faster and stronger. The special spot where you can hide is by the riverbank. However, be careful when enemies shoot you from the other side of the river.

Use the most versatile movement with the 3 lives you have to win our exciting game today. Any player has the opportunity to participate in the latest games without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. Share your online gaming skills if you love them. When updating new games at, players will complete challenges and overcome a new journey without spending much time searching. Which game world do you love the most? Join and share gaming tips with other friends.

Every player tries to be the best player. Enjoy your spare time with the latest games list. Players have the opportunity to unlock interesting levels and overcome challenges with a limited number of lives. Show your favorite gameplay while on this tour. Many players passed through with the highest score and destroyed the most ferocious army. Their strength will increase and you must be careful. Move through the safest positions when you have a chance. Some games similar to this shooting game are also recommended such as Jumper Starman and Fantasy Sniper

Instruction to play:

X for jumping, C for shooting, and arrow keys to move