Color Drop

Color Drop challenges the skills of each player. Choose your best way of playing to complete this game with the highest score at Any player can join the puzzle game. Control the colored ball to go through the circle or over the obstacle. The color of the ball needs to be the same as the color of the part from the obstacle.

Collect the stars that appear on your journey to victory. The player cannot move too fast. Slowly choose the falling location with the same color as you to complete the game and win with a high score. The obstacles will rotate and move, so you need to overcome them when the color will match the shadow color. Quickly tap the screen to control the ball. Drop the ball at the right time and try to overcome as many obstacles as you can.

Each challenge of the game forces you to face different missions. Enjoy the moment of winning each journey. Overcome two or more obstacles. It's time to enjoy and complete all of our new challenges. This game attracts many players in their spare time. The hardest situations don't make you lose. Create new opportunities and complete the game with the highest score over the turns. We help players around the world discover the new gaming space.

Complete the challenge of world ABCya games. Countless players have shared this online game with their friends. Find the easiest way to play to be ready to complete the challenge. Follow the instructions and join the game with useful tips. You are ready to use your spare time productively. Unlock similar games with this game like Valentine Mahjong and Abacus 3d

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the left mouse button to control the color ball to the right color position