Color Snake

Have you ever tried playing an avoiding game from abcya 4 online? In this type of game, instead of going into the correct doors, the players will have to avoid all the obstacles at all cost. Color Snake free game is one game of this particular collection. The main character of this game is a snake which moves in accordance with your movement of the mouse.

Color Snake is here! Relive the thrill of the sensational classic! Control the snake to break the obstacles of YOUR color. Avoid other colors! Collect the coins to customize your play!

Grow as long as you can for as long as possible by collecting blocks. If you hit a wall, the game ends.

However, as you progress further, you will be able to master the game at no time! There are lots of avoiding games such as Hole .io and Basic Snake nowadays, so don't miss out on a chance to play at!

Instruction to play:

Guide the snake using your left mouse.