Color Tease

Color Tease

Date added: 15/05/2017

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ColorTease is an online HTML5 abcyagame & extraordinary finish multi-stage 2D game prepared to distribute. It's a testing, cerebrum prodding easygoing game abcya for school. Touch the privilege and the left wheels so they could coordinate same hues with the falling balls.

Two colored balls are dropping down at the same time. You need to switch up the top color of the circles at the bottom before the balls get there. Keep going for as long as possible to try to obtain a high score.

 If you like color score matching type abcya games, you will love Color Tease. What makes color tease different is as colors drop down you have two color pallets to manage. Not just one. So you have to be fast switching both the color pallets to match the colors that are falling. Try to score as high as possible and play with friends.

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Achievements to Earn

Color TeaseTrickyScore 10 or more in Color Tease


Color TeaseTeaserScore 25 or more in Color Tease


Color TeaseColor Switch UpScore 50 or more in Color Tease


Color TeaseMaster TeaseScore 100 or more in Color Tease


Game controls:

Tap on the circles to change their color

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