Filled Glass 2 No Gravity

All online game players have the opportunity to explore the famous online game Filled Glass 2 No Gravity today at ABCya Game for free. This is a fun online puzzle game. Click on the pitch outlined by a red rectangle and the colored balls will sprinkle from there. You must fill the glued glass back onto the top of the screen. The task is to fill the container to the level of the dotted line. Don't try to go over the limit with a lot of balls falling out. You can adjust the number of balls during the game in an excellent way.

When it turns green, stop pouring. If at least one ball falls out of the dotted line, the level will have to be repeated. There will be many different obstacles on the fill path. Those bars can hardly interfere with the ball's movement if you have found the path. Use the lives to come in handy if you want to win this game. The number of balls you use will be unlimited. Therefore, the player needs to move the balls in the best position to the last position.

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Instruction to play:

Use the left mouse button to click on the position where the balls can fall