Crazy Shooter Of Math

ABCya math games introduce Crazy Shooter Of Math game for each player to join in a challenging journey. Don't hesitate to unlock new missions. You will join this game and do the calculations. With the correct answer, the player has one bullet to shoot the enemy. Don't give the wrong answer if you don't want to lose. The mad scientist is in crazy mode. Math is his favorite subject. He has created a laser weapon that can only fire bullets if he guesses the problem correctly.

This is like the interesting movie content that you have ever participated in and selected. The monsters in the lab are starting to stir. To prevent the monsters from running out, use weapons. Our main character needs the help of players from all over the world. Come on, spin your mind. Successfully defeat all the monsters. Each journey that we recommend to players has very special content. Do you spend your free time exploring any game? We make it easy for gamers to join and become the best at Each math game has different special content. Find the calculations and solve them. Test your mental maths skills on this journey.

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Instruction to play:

Controls: Use the left mouse button to choose the correct answer to each question