Cricket Hero

Are you ready to channel your athletic side with Cricket Hero game for kids from abcya 4 online? This is a new game for the people who love sports, especially the cricket game. If you haven't been familiar with the rules, we provide the most detailed explanation to help you out.

First, you will take the position of the player in the cricket pitch. As the key player, it's your job to grab your bat and dominate the cricket pitch to score some points. You will control all the movement of the character and wait for the right moment to swing and hit the incoming balls. The main character can switch between the left and right side of the pitch to choose the perfect hitting position. You can aim by waiting for the ball to be inside the circle.

Only then should you swing the bat. Each player can fail three times only. If you fail to hit the ball for more than three times, the game will be over. However, the hard part is that some dangerous objects will be mixed into the batch and thrown at you. Therefore, in order to avoid the eggs or bombs, you will need to stay focus and be calm to process quickly in the intense situation.

It's all about the great reflex and a great aiming skill at Come and have fun with more popular British games such as Princess Football Girl and Basketball Arcade

Instruction to play:

Click on the circle with your left mouse to hit the ball.