Ski Slalom

Ski Slalom is the super fun skiing game in which you will take to the slalom courses and ski downhill at record breaking times. You can choose from a selection of different courses all containing tight bends and difficult sections to master.

Take a break from the heat and enjoy a fun winter sport game that will put your reflexes to the test. Ski Slalom is a free online abcya game in which you choose a character and race downhill to the finish line passing right between all flags in your way. Earn gold medals and collect coins to increase your racer’s stats and try to reach the highest score ever seen. Just use your mouse or your left and right arrow keys to move from side to side, but keep in mind the more you turn, the slower you’ll go.

Practice on each course and learn them like the back of your hand, this is the only way that will capture that record time for each track. There are two different characters to select with different abilities, choose the athlete that matches up to playing style. Will you finish with bronze, silver or gold? Good luck!

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  • Two playable characters!
  • Three times to beat on each level
  • Collect coins to upgrade your heroes
  • Manage your speed to be the best there is

Instruction to play:

Mouse / Arrows = turn